Top of the class!

Top of the class!

In the Greek school system, pupils from every school go out on parade alongside marching bands on various national holidays. The students who are at the top of the class draw lots to carry and accompany the flag, considered a very great honour reserved for star students. Here are some photos of me in various parades.

Accompanying the flag-bearer for the Commercial High School (I’m first on the left)

I’m the short one with the fringe between the two tall boys, here in the first year of Commercial high school.

I’m the small one on the right at the back, in the third year of Commercial High School. My sister Eleni is in the back row on the left.

I’m in the third row, the one with the fringe. Here in the fifth class of elementary school.


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  1. Stefanos Mouzakitis
    May 18, 2013

    Hi Alkmini my brother Dinos gave me your Web site and
    I thought to write to you .Dinos was not sure that you are
    Alkmini Metalinos the one we knew.I show your picture
    and I was more than sure that you are.I hope to have a chance
    to talk more about you and me. The last time I show you
    it was at “Anotati Emporiki” in Athens.
    “Lucinda” my favor caracter I always respected her and i never
    teased her.May she be well wherever she is …as you said.

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